Privacy and Cookies


To guarantee the privacy of the customer,
the personal data of the customer is treated with discretion.

How do we handle the customer's personal data?
The data stored in our database is used to
process orders. If necessary, we will use your
data to contact you. We reserve the right
to register your IP address.

Can I view my data?
Your personal data can always be requested by you and, if
necessary, changed or deleted. According to the Dutch Personal Data
Protection Act (WBP), personal data is not provided to third parties

Who has access to the data?
Only the administration personnel have access to the data.

What are my rights with regard to the registration?
You can
access your
registered data by means of a written request, which includes your name, place of residence, telephone number and e-mail address. If we (or third parties) are disproportionately
harmed in our interests by inspection, we can
refuse the inspection substantiated. As a registered person, you will be
informed of this decision by e-mail within one week of receipt of the request for access.

How can I have my data removed from the database?
Personal data will be removed from the database if:
• this data turns out to be incorrect.
• the registration of this data does not
serve the purpose of this registration.
• the registration of this data is contrary to any legal

Cookie Policy

In this web shop we use small text files (cookies) that
are stored on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Cookies help us to keep track of
all the products you have added to your shopping cart and
to remember you as a visitor when you return to our website. In order to place an
order, it is necessary that you have enabled your cookies
However, if you prefer to browse our site without
purchasing anything, you are free to disable cookies.

We use cookies to improve your visit to our website. The
cookies we use are safe. The information we collect
using cookies helps us identify any errors or show you
products that we think may be of interest to
you. We do not store information that is directly linked to you, such
as credit card details. We also use cookies
from carefully selected partners with whom we work and who
advertise our services on their website.

Why do we tell you so extensively about our cookies?
New EU law requires us to be open and honest about the
cookies we use. If you would like more information, please do
not hesitate to contact us.

What kind of cookies do we use in this web store?
Your computer, tablet or mobile phone needs our
cookies to make a purchase. Without cookies enabled, we will not be able
to register the products you add to your shopping cart.

If you create an account with us, the cookies allow us to
remember and retrieve your data when you log in (again) with us. This makes
visiting and purchasing via our website a lot easier, because it
is not necessary to enter your details again.

If you prefer to restrict, block or delete cookies, you can
manage your browser settings. Visit the appropriate website for more
information and follow the directions.

The cookies that are used in this webshop:
for webshop:
Purpose of the cookie: Functioning

  • If you have shopped with us before and created an account, this cookie is used to help us remember whether you are logged in or not.
  • Used to store the domain, language, and currency of the store you are shopping at.
  • Used to remember all the products you have added to your cart and is essential if you want to buy products. This web store cannot function without this cookie.

for cookie message on home page
Purpose of cookie: Disclosure Cookie message
Used to inform web shop visitors about cookies and
to provide the option to switch cookies ON or OFF in browsers.

for YouTube:
Purpose of the cookies: Watch movies (videos)
Used to find and share video information, communicate with other people
or create new content.

for Google:
Purpose of the cookies: Tracking
These cookies allow us to use Google Analytics software. We
use this to monitor the performance of our web store, such as
which browser you use, how long you spend on the site and which
products you view. We then use this information to
research and improve the site.

for Facebook:
Purpose of the cookies: Tracking
to know that you are logged in to Facebook, to help you
use social plugins and share buttons or to know when there is interaction
between you and their advertising or Platform partners.